High Quality Equipment Delivers Best Results

The latest Avigilon camera platform is our highest performing solution yet, with its faster processing power, more efficient bandwidth management, superior image detail, and advanced video analytics capabilities. It allows your system to maintain optimal performance while receiving great image detail.

Avigilon cameras are built ready-to-integrate with third-party video management systems through broadly supported, open ONVIF protocols including Profile S, Profile T and ONVIF compliant extensions. This enables video surveillance interactions such as video streaming, two-way audio, digital I/O, motion detection, motion configuration, video analytics and events.

The Access Control Manager (ACM) system by Avigilon supports open-field hardware from various leading manufacturers, such as Mercury Security and HID GlobalTM. Coupled with our retrofit programs, this enables you to leverage past hardware installations, so your legacy investments won’t go to waste. The ACMTM system supports integrations with a wide range of software and hardware solutions for enhanced system capabilities, and Avigilon Technology Partners can also develop their own integrations using a set of easy-to-use tools.

Available in a broad range of camera resolutions from 1 MP to 30 MP (7K), the H4 platform offers exceptional imaging for a variety of needs. These cameras are equipped with Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) and our patented LightCatcher™ technology for clear image quality in low light environments, ensuring you receive excellent image detail.

HDSM SmartCodec technology automatically detects activity levels in multiple regions of a scene to optimize compression levels, and reduce bandwidth and storage consumption, all while maintaining high image detail of the areas that matter most. As a result, when activated HDSM SmartCodec technology can reduce bandwidth by up to 50 percent.

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