A security system for your business provides greater peace of mind, lower insurance rates, and a safer working environment for you and your employees. No matter the size of your businesses a consultation by a licensed security professional should always be done. Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarms team prides itself in providing the best possible commercial security systems using commercial security products from the industry leaders like Avigilon.

Large companies with more extensive operations, a larger physical location, more employees, or high-value assets a more sophisticated commercial security system may be needed. These systems usually require professional installation and continuous monitoring and management. There are a number of large, national alarm and security and video manufactures for Northeast Remote Surveillance to partner with.

Licensed vendors like Northeast Remote Surveillance, typically are thoroughly trained by the manufacturer(s) of the products they carry. This not only ensures the vendors are qualified to install and maintain the products, it also instills confidence that they can provide a professional level of service and are likely to remain in business for as long as their products are in use.